The waters are warming up and so is the fishing. The Florida Keys hold a multitude of inshore species of fish. We are here to guide you through it and explain your options for your next trip.

Tarpon, the Sliver King. Every year the migration of these giant fish start and fisherman flock to the flats and channels in search of a fish of a lifetime. The perfect game fish can be targeted in a couple ways. Fly fishing (sight fishing) is one of those ways. You will need lots of practice for this, as it is a team effort for sure! You and your guide will stalk the flats and pinpoint the exact time and placement that fly needs to land in front of a school of tarpon. That is only half the challenge, once the fish eats the fight begins!!

Next you have live baiting. This has become a very popular technic for all walks of fisherman. Even this skill is good, it’s also perfect for the first timer as well. We go out and catch the bait and take you too our favorite holes and canals based on the conditions, we then string up the bait and send them out behind the boat and the wait starts until we get the bite.

Flats/backcountry fishing for smaller species is also great in the spring time. Snook, redfish and trout can be found back in the Everglades along the trees and run offs. This is your action trip, as it is a lot of casting and reeling. We try to cover as much of the area as possible with either artificial or live bait depending on the conditions.

Flats fishing the keys is also an option this time of year. Bonefish, permit, jacks, and barracuda can be great gamefish for a new or seasoned angler. This can be done while either fly fishing or on a spinning rod. This is the time of year to be in the keys, the weather is hot and so is the fishing. Want to give it a try? Give us a call and we’ll get you out for a fun, action packed fishing trip.

-Captain Donnie Benbow