Now that the tarpon season is coming to a close, we change our focus and look to other species of fish.

The Florida Everglades is the targeted area for many captains as the water will start to drop in temperature. Snook fishing is already starting to heat up not temp wise but, in the amount, and size of the fish we catch. As the water continues to cool redfish (drum) will be thriving in the shallows as the bait continues to arrive throughout the Florida Bay. Other species we will target are sea trout, black drum, jacks, triple tail, Spanish mackerel, sharks and the occasional winter time tarpon.

Now for rigging, we like to primarily use artificial lures for these fish and sometimes fly fishing is an option for the right client. But with the artificial lures we use a 3/4-ounce D.O.A yellow jig head. We like to tip that with our choice of D.O.A. plastic depending on the conditions and bait in the area.

For fishing along the trees, a weedless hook set up with again a soft plastic is a very good option to capitalize on area covered and cast made without getting snagged. On rare occasions, and based on the fish, we may bring live bait just to ensure an aggressive bite from the snook when the temp drops.

Now for the flats, in the Keys, the winter months can be great if the water does not drop extremely low for our waters. Bonefish and permit can still be found stalking the flats in the right conditions.

Thank you for keeping up to date with us and can’t wait for your next adventure on the water!

-Captain Donnie Benbow